The Size Dichotomy

Recently, I cannot help but notice a huge dichotomy in home size. On the one hand, it has become very popular to get rid of most of one’s belongings and […]

by w4l3XzY3

by w4l3XzY3

Vertical Living

Studio Boise Residential Design is a place where we pride ourselves on creating “design for the way you truly live.”  We also believe in the importance of designing for where you live. […]

Addition and Remodel

The most rewarding moment as a home designer is to visit a finished residence and see the home owners loving their new home.  We wanted to share some photos of […]

What To Expect From A Consultation

At Studio Boise, we start every project with a free consultation.  Many a residential designer will offer this free of charge.  Sometimes, however, clients are not sure what to expect […]

Innovative New Home Design

When you seek out a designer for your new home plan, you are expecting something special, something unique that is appealing both aesthetically and functionally.  At Studio Boise, we love […]

5 Trends To Avoid

As with all industries, the home design industry has trends.  Many patterns in home design become trends because they are great solutions.  However, after a trend has been around for […]

How Much Will This House Cost?

One of the first questions that I am always asked at a consultation about designing a new home is, “How much do you think this custom house will cost us?” […]

Alternatives to Typical Home Design

                Home is the first structure that man built.  We have always constructed shelter from the elements.  So it is no wonder that […]

Designing a Beautiful Retirement

Are you on the home stretch?  Almost ready to leave the world of long office hours and fatigue for a life of golf, hobbies, and travel?  As you approach the […]