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Innovative New Home Design

When you seek out a designer for your new home plan, you are expecting something special, something unique that is appealing both aesthetically and functionally.  At Studio Boise, we love to solve your unique challenges with creative design.

This renovated space had an ugly, poorly surfaced wall in built long ago to house the retrofitted lighting and receptacles.  Rather than pull down the wall and re-surface it with drywall, we elected to cover it in crumpled paper making a fun art project for the family and an incredible design statement.

Paper wall dining








In this small East End Boise home, there will not be enough space for a guest room in the new floor plan.  However, since guests are a rarity for this family, a portion of the small office will be a built in reading nook with a full sized mattress.  When the occasional guest does come to stay, this office converts into a cozy guest space with built in drawers underneath the nook for their storage.

MG nook






If you can open yourself up to the idea of combining functions, or embracing a quirky feature, your new house plan can delight you with innovative solutions.


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