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Outdoor Rooms

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It’s summertime, and we are all moving outdoors to enjoy meals, pools, and relaxation.  Many of you are also thinking of how you can remodel or make a new addition to your home’s porches and patios in order to fully enjoy the outdoors.  Studio Boise Residential Design has some tips to help you determine what type of outdoor space will best enhance your summer.

The first step we take as residential designers is to look at what outdoor space your currently have, and how it works for you right now.  If you have a small concrete pad which never gets use because it is blasted with direct sunlight, then a shade structure is definitely in the cards.  Your outdoor spaces can be covered with a permanent roof structure that blend in with the roof lines of your current home, protected with a glass and steel structure including with built in shades, or a more flexible system of retractable sun shades. Do you need shade?  Maybe you just need more square footage to make your space usable for entertaining.

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The next step is to think about what you do not have.  Think about the type of activities you most wish you could enjoy outside: is it eating and barbecuing, having a place to sit and relax, space for entertaining, for swimming, or even watching TV.  Every household is unique, so the additions you need will be unique as well.  Is there any noise that you need to cover up?  A water feature is not only relaxing, but it can camouflage unwanted sounds like a neighbor’s dog or airplanes passing overhead.  In almost every exterior space, you can not go wrong with a fountain or burbling brook.

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Lastly, let your residential designer figure out how to incorporate your style into the design.  A professional designer has a well trained eye and instinct enabling him or her to solve your outdoor space needs while simultaneously making a master plan for your yard that will transition from home to earth transporting you to Tuscany or the mountain temples of Japan.  Narrow down your preferred style, and give your designer photos of outdoor spaces that you love.  As a precaution, keep in mind your budget.  An outdoor eating area with a roof, fans, and electricity cost much more than a pergola.  Built in stone kitchens add an convenience and beauty to outdoor rooms, but they also add to the price tag.  Keep your priorities in line, and listen to the expert advice of your designer, and you will be able to enjoy the outdoors like a tourist this summer.

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