The Ideal Zombie Apocalypse Home Part 1

  Whether or not you have teen aged boys obsessed with “The Walking Dead,” no doubt the recent zombie fanaticism has evoked the question in your mind, “What would I […]

SIP’s and Sticks

  Studio Boise, LLC was recently commissioned to design a modular home that could be assembled in an average of 2 days.  In decades past, this would sound like we […]

Substandard Lots

                    If planning to build a new custom home design on a budget, you may find yourself considering the purchase of […]

A Small Laundry Remodel Fixes Big Problems: Solutions

Currently, the Lee family has a laundry room that serves as the only access point to a bedroom, office, and bonus room.  To fix this conundrum, the interior plans are […]

A Small Laundry Remodel Fixes Big Problems

  So many times, when in need of immediate solutions in our homes, we piece something quickly together and learn to overlook the drawbacks until they become completely invisible to […]