The Ideal Zombie Apocalypse Home Part 1


Whether or not you have teen aged boys obsessed with “The Walking Dead,” no doubt the recent zombie fanaticism has evoked the question in your mind, “What would I do in a Zombie Apocalypse?”  The answer tends to place the burden of protection upon the home.

In the event of a Zombie Apocalypse (Zopocalypse for short), there are 6 basic needs which your home would need to provide for you independently of any outside energy or supply sources.

1) Heat in the winter

2) Cooling in the summer

3) Electricity

4) Water

5) Air

6) And a structure impenetrable to Zombie foe

In other words, the best home fit for surviving a Zopocalypse is a strong zero energy home.  A zero energy home is a home which produces as much electricity, water, etc as it requires for typical living needs.  It is highly likely that at some point during such a catastrophe, most of the population will have received the transforming bite of a zombie leaving no one to continue the work at factories and plants that produce electricity and deliver drinkable water to your home.  While fear of a Zopocalypse may not keep you up at night, the principles of a zero energy, self sustaining home offer solutions applicable to home improvement, renovation, new kitchen, new bath, or completely new home design.  The best house design techniques for survival in a Zopocalypse or simple for energy independence will be explained in detail in the following blogs from Studio Boise.

Stay tuned!


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