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The Tiny Home Movement

Tiny homes are all the rage right now.  If you are unfamiliar with tiny homes, they are houses built on top of a trailer and are made to be towed from place to place with a truck.  But don’t dismiss these as a a typical mobile home or RV; it is neither.  A more accurate description would be an adult sized playhouse on wheels.  Being on a trailer, these little homes have the portability of an RV, the homey accomodations of a mobile home, and usally look as charming as your daughter’s backyard playhouse.

tiny house dutch door rear entrance


The movement was put on the map by Jay Shafer and has been taken to a new level of production by companies like Tumbleweed.  There are now many options helping you to have one of these portable abodes.  You can buy one completely built and ready to tow.  Another option, if you prefer to have more of a personal touch in your tiny home, is to purchase a trailer base and construction plans.  Pre-developed plans bought online vary between $200 and $600 and usually include complete framing elevations showing how every wall is assembled making these popular with do-it-yourselfers.  For the daring few who intend to de-clutter their lives and commit to living full time in this tiny space (typically 8′ wide by 12′-26′ long), hiring a designer to design a tiny home made for your specific needs is the answer.  The cost will depend on how innovative you want to make your little home and how much your designer charges, but it will be more than purchasing a stock plan from online.

tiny house interior aerial


At Studio Boise, we love to do unique projects, so I am thrilled to share that we have had an opportunity to design one of these pint sized living spaces.  For such a small custom home design, it has been a big challenge and an equally huge joy.  We want to share with you some of the preliminary snapshots of a recent tiny home design intended to house 2 people comfortably.

tiny house section


Built with the same hardy materials used on your home, don’t dismiss these tiny dwellings, they might be around much longer than your RV.

tiny house persp 1

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