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The Ideal Zombie Apocalypse Home Part 4

Preparation for a zombie apocalypse, no matter how obviously impossible it is, has a fanatic following.  There are supply stores selling items specifically for such an event.  There are even […]

The Ideal Zombie Apocalypse Home Part 3

Continued from 2 previous blogs addressing the need for a Zombie Apocalypse ready home…   In the event of a Zombie Apocalypse (Zopocalypse), most public utilities will eventually be unavailable […]

The Ideal Zombie Apocalypse Home Part 2

This is a continuation of the discussion about building a new home designed to withstand a Zombie Apocalypse, A.K.A. Zopocalypse. The best home fit for surviving a Zopocalypse is a […]

SIP’s and Sticks

  Studio Boise, LLC was recently commissioned to design a modular home that could be assembled in an average of 2 days.  In decades past, this would sound like we […]