Who is Studio Boise

Hi, I’m Noelle Martinez. I’ve had a passion for designing homes since I could put a pen to paper. What started as a child’s curiosity grew into a teenage obsession with drawing house plans and eventually led me to a career in residential remodel. I earned a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Architecture from the California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, CA (Note: Noelle is not a licensed architect, but a residential designer). Immediately after college, I moved from the California coast to the beautiful City of Trees where I just fell in love with Boise and its lifestyle. It is here that I became a LEED Accredited Professional in 2009, and it is here that I met my husband. At Studio Boise, I have decided to put my love of logical design into action. I am inspired by you! I love to design for the living patterns that you have developed over the years and design spaces that incorporate your particular activities into the aesthetic that you love. Call or email me today to get started on the home design that is made for the way you truly live.

Together Facundo and Noelle Martinez run Studio Boise.  They welcomed their first baby into the world in the winter of 2013, Giuseppe Martinez.  While their baby boy now takes the spotlight in their lives, Facundo and Noelle still love dancing, long-boarding, floating the Boise River, riding their motorcycle, and travelling. They decided to start their own residential design firm where they could bring function and style into the homes of all Boise residents. Facundo is the business mind that delivers your ideal home on time and within budget. Noelle is the principle designer at Studio Boise designing or renovating your home for the way you truly live.

Noelle Martinez earned her Bachelor Degree of Science in Architecture from the California Polytechnic State Institute in San Luis Obispo, CA.  She has worked as an apprentice during her post graduation internships at firms ranging from over 100 employees to only one employee but chose to become a residential designer (note: there are no licensed architects at Studio Boise, and while Noelle did obtain a degree in Architecture she never became a licensed architect and can only use the title of “residential designer”. For more information on licensed architects please contact the Bureau of occupational licenses) .  Her work has taken her from the central coast of California to Orange County to Tahoe and is now blossoming in Boise, Idaho.  After years of working in these industries and at various firms in the Western United States, Noelle Martinez has settled in Boise, Idaho where she and her husband decided it was time to open their own residential design firm focusing on home design.