A Small Laundry Remodel Fixes Big Problems: Solutions

Currently, the Lee family has a laundry room that serves as the only access point to a bedroom, office, and bonus room.  To fix this conundrum, the interior plans are in desperate need of remodeling.  After long discussions about the needs and desires of the Lee family, we have summarized the goals of this interior remodel into the following list of 7 items:

1) Relocate the washer and dryer so that they are not visible when passing through this space to the bonus room, bedroom, and office.

2) Move as little plumbing as possible.

3) Keep the water heater in the existing location.

4) Make better use of (or eliminate) the seldom used sink that is in the bonus room.

5) Create a more appropriate space for the cat’s litter box and toy box (currently on the floor of the laundry/hallway).

6) Retain the same amount of storage that is currently in the bonus room closet or add more.

7) Do NOT alter the load bearing wall on the left hand side of the laundry and closet spaces (see last blog post)


Option 1:

In the first remodel option we simply filled in the opening between the bonus room and old closet area adding this area to the newly sectioned off laundry space.  We seized upon the convenience of the existing sink in the upper right hand corner of this plan by leaving the plumbing as is and turning the sink 90 degrees to face the new laundry space.  A laundry room sink is an absolute dream when battling stubborn stains, as we all do probably more often than we like.   The washer and dryer have been relocated to the left hand side of the laundry opening a 6’ span for open shelving from floor to ceiling.  This provides more storage than the original bonus room closet did, and leaves a 2’ space between the floor and lowest shelf for the cat’s toiletries.  While I would have loved to turn the water heater around to join the new laundry room, it is more cost effective to leave it facing the hallway and simply jog the new laundry wall around it.  Presto.  The hallway is no longer an awkward space for passing-through guests, minimal plumbing has been moved, and the Lee family finally has a proper laundry room with ample storage.

Option 2:

After our discussions, and knowing the Lee family so well as I do, I know that they are a DIY family.  Since this interior remodel is essentially the rearranging of an 8’ x 12’ space, I wanted to give them the option of a floor plan that would not require knocking down walls or rerouting plumbing under the floor, an option that would be easy to remodel themselves should they choose to do so.  In this option, the laundry room has been nestled into the space that was previously the bonus room closet and sink area.  As of now, the plumbing for the washer and dryer rise up about 1.5’ into the wall that divides the hallway from this space.  It is an easy DIY switch to move the washer and dryer to the opposite side of this wall simply reversing the direction of the plumbing connections.  The water heater has been left as is while the unused sink has been eliminated for lack of space.  With the relocation of the washer and dryer, we now have space for 6’ x 2’ storage cabinets in the hallway that more than make up for the storage once found in the bonus room closet.  In the new laundry space, we have installed a counter along the left wall with shelving above and open space underneath for the ever-important cat’s hygiene items.  While this remodel solution gives a slightly smaller laundry room than our first option, it will be ever so much easier to construct if the family proceeds in their usual DIY fashion.

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  • Giussepe Martinez
    4 years ago -

    I really like what you did. I might have a similar problem.

    • Noelle
      4 years ago -

      Thank you, Giuseppe. I would love to help you work out the details of your specific situation. Send me an email any time!