A Small Laundry Remodel Fixes Big Problems


So many times, when in need of immediate solutions in our homes, we piece something quickly together and learn to overlook the drawbacks until they become completely invisible to us.  To me, these little spaces are begging for attention, and I just love to find them and whip together a smart solution.


















I came upon one such situation over the Thanksgiving holiday at the Lee residence.  Although they are now, empty nesters as we say, there was a time when their 3 bedroom home was filled with 5 children.  Naturally, they need a quick fix, and their perfect solution was to convert the garage into more bedrooms.  Today these bedrooms have transformed into an office, a bonus room, and one remaining bedroom.   There is an issue, however with the passage from the main house into this converted territory.  You must pass through a tiny laundry room.  As in many home plans, we have no problem moving from garage to laundry and into living rooms.  Today, however, when guests come to stay or business associates visit the office, they must still pass through this tight laundry room adorned with the cat’s litter box and food.


After so many years of passing through, the family had all but forgotten that the transitory space could be awkward for visitors.  We decided it’s high time for another fix.  A laundry room remodel is on the horizon, and my sketchbook is whirring as ideas find the pages.


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