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Noelle Martinez, Studio Boise’s principal designer, has years of experience working on home design.  In addition to home design, she worked for a year doing residential landscape design. It is important however to mention that Noelle is not a licensed architect and there are no licensed architects at Studio Boise.  With this, Studio Boise approaches home design from both the detailed and holistic perspectives.  We consider every detail of how you really use the space in your home as well as how your home will add to your neighborhood, how existing trees on your land can be enhanced by the design of your home, the best access paths for your cars, the best views on your site, etc.  The style of your home is dictated by you and perfected by us.  We love variety, so we are enthusiastic about any style that you love whether that be craftsman, French Provincial, Tuscan, Prairie style, Mission, Contemporary, Mediterranean, or any eclectic combination that you can dream up.  We will be as authentic in the design of your home as you want to be.  Design is our passion.  Your home is our passion.


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