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At Studio Boise, house plans are the jigsaw puzzle we can’t stay away from.  We love to design home floor plans from scratch as well as rearrange and renovate existing floor plans.  Studio Boise is a big proponent of Sarah Susanka’s Not So Big philosophy which essentially promotes using every square foot that you pay for in the best way.
Before we start designing, we spend time getting to know you and how you use your home.  We measure your furniture, take into account any speaker systems, TV’s, or exercise equipment that you like to use and also where and how you prefer to use these items.  We get rid of duplicitous spaces that you know you don’t use and make every room count.  Smart storage is one of our priorities in home design.  We know what it’s like to want a sleek contemporary living room out of a magazine but to struggle with where to keep the toddler’s toys that litter the floor every day.  Today’s homes have a lot of stuff which we don’t always want to see but which we want to access frequently and conveniently.
In addition to efficient and logical floor plans, we also take advantage of the views on your property.  We hide what you don’t want to see and feature what you do want to see.  We bring sunlight into rooms that need it and shade to the rooms that don’t.  Studio Boise creates the top home designs customized for the way you truly live.

Contemporary Hillside Home Floor Plan

Designed specifically for a home on a hill lot with views at the front of the home, the floor plan welcomes you into a tall foyer and draws you up just half a level into the living room where you can enjoy views of the city above street level. A clever use of multi levels allows unobstructed views from the shared areas of the home and privacy for the bedrooms. A dumb waiter carries your groceries from the garage to the upstairs kitchen for you. The efficient plan is pulled together with a clean contemporary aesthetic pleasing from every side of the home.

East End Home

The quiet East End of Boise is loaded with charm, trees, and small lots.  This home was designed for a very narrow and very long lot.  Rather than locating the living room at the front of the house, close to the street and without much privacy, the floor plan of this unique home draws you to the rear where a great room opens up with tall vaulted ceilings and a wall of windows looking out at the lushly landscaped backyard.  Designed for 1 or 2 people, space has been efficiently saved by combining laundry with the guest and master bathrooms allowing us to give maximum space to the great room where the residents really spend their time.  Due to the small size of the home, storage for a couple larger items has been incorporated into the design with a large shelf above the kitchen to hold a kayak when not on the Boise river and a special built-in nook for a road bicycle.  A large loft overlooks the great room and provides tremendous additional storage.

Twin Falls: A Home for Activity

Built over the foundation of an existing 1970’s home, this 11,000+ square foot home is designed for a family that likes to have fun.  The main rooms on the ground floor are built with ample area and breadth for entertaining big groups.  They incorporate both vaulted and coffered ceilings that help to frame views no matter where you look.  A large covered porch off of the dining room provides an outdoor kitchen and eating area within sight of the pool.  The earth is graded down from the pool to a walkout basement equipped with an entertainment room, a nook specially designed for playing pool, 4 storage rooms, and a “pool bathroom” that connects indoors to outdoors and offers kids a place to change and dry off before coming inside.  In addition to the bedroom on the basement level, there are 3 bedrooms nestled in the second floor, a generous master suite on the main level, and a main level guest room with a wheelchair accessible bathroom.  A kids’ loft that looks over the kitchen, and 5 car garage complete with a shop are just a couple of the customized spaces that make this home truly unique.

Mid Century Modern in Boise

This mid century modern remodel takes the best elements of an iconic style and magnifies them creating a perfect blend between mid century modern style and contemporary living.  We preserved such features as the large stone hearth rising through the middle of the generous living room and clerestory windows while adding a more spacious master suite, full laundry room, and a gourmet custom kitchen.  New roof lines blend seamlessly with the old, and an updated deck extends the living space outdoors with expansive views of the Treasure Valley.


Contemporary in Eagle

Soon to be built in Eagle, ID, Studio Boise has designed a sprawling contemporary home complete with 3 1/2 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms, a library, a great room with views looking out onto a community pond, and a truly indoor/outdoor living room.  An 18 foot wide collapsing glass wall allows the homeowner to completely open up the “clubhouse” to the outdoors.  The architectural design of this new home has carefully taken into account the proportion of every space, lowering ceilings in smaller intimate areas of the home, and raising the ceilings in large public spaces.  Keep an eye out for this contemporary home design going into construction soon.

Vertical Living

When the building site is tiny, there is no where else to go but up.  This home is designed around a footprint no bigger than a 2 car garage.  Packed into its 1,200 square feet are 3 comfortable bedrooms, 2 and one half bathrooms, plenty of balcony space, and an intimate yet opened great room.  The home is spread over 4 stories, but careful attention to the location of each space has resulted in a floor plan that will feel more like a 2 level design.  The open concept living areas are located on the third floor sandwiched between the bedroom levels.  Since most time is spent in the living areas, only one flight of stairs needs to be climbed in order to retire for the night or grab something from a the laundry.  The result of this vertical style of living comes with more ease than expected and better views than could be imagined.

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