The Ideal Zombie Apocalypse Home Part 2

This is a continuation of the discussion about building a new home designed to withstand a Zombie Apocalypse, A.K.A. Zopocalypse.

The best home fit for surviving a Zopocalypse is a strong zero energy home.  A zero energy home is a home which produces as much electricity, water, etc as it requires for typical living needs.  It is highly likely that at some point during such a catastrophe, most of the population will have received the transforming bite of a zombie leaving no one to continue the work at factories and plants that produce electricity and deliver drinkable water to your home.  While we can live without electrical gadgets, we cannot survive without water, so let us start there.

The ideal Zopocalypse home’s designs will incorporate a holding tank for water.  Think of how many times you do something that requires water in a single day:  washing hands, washing clothes, watering plants,cooking, taking a shower, flushing waste, brushing teeth, cleaning dishes, and more.  If you happen to have a stream or river running through your property, you are in luck!  You can easily use this natural water feature for irrigating crops, which you will have to grow yourself since Walmart and Co-ops alike have been overrun.  Stream water can also be diverted into storage tanks.  However, as your Zombie fanatics will tell you, infected people may die in your water source which will deem it unfit for use of any sort.  So you will need a backup plan which is a rain water catchment system.  The size of the water tank will depend on your rainy season and on how many people you expect to shelter during a Zopocalypse.  If you live in a famously rainy location such as Seattle, rainwater is available throughout the year meaning that you will only need tanks to hold the amount of water you would use in several days.  The USGS tells us that the average U.S. citizen uses 80-100 gallons of water per day.    Assuming that you generously allow your parents, in-laws, and a few others (13 people?) into your Zolopcalypse-ready home, you’ll find yourself needing a tank with around 4,000 gallons in capacity.  In a drought-prone area, you will need several tanks that store up water to be used throughout the dry season.  I know this sounds alarming; 4,000 gallons conjures up a picture of stilted city water towers, but don’t fret.  A 4,000 gallon water tank will measure around 90″ in diameter (7.5′) and approximately 216″ high (18′), and it will cost around $7.000.  It is tall, but manageable.

The recent trend towards green design has taught us some invaluable tips for water use that can be used to your advantage in a Zopocalypse.  Drinkable water needs to be fresh, obviously.  But what of the toilet water?  Such flushing water does not need to be potable, but it does enter the house, so it should not have the odor of waste water.  Gray water is the answer.  Gray water is used water that would not be good for drinking, but it is not yet foul.  The water from washing hands, dishes, laundry, and taking showers can be piped to the toilets and to irrigation for your crops.  Water reuse, as this is called in home design, can therefore save you an incredible amount of needed water.  Now, to attain stored and reused water in your home, you can use gravity or electricity to pump it, but usually a combination of both is necessary.

This brings us to the attainment of electricity, which will be the topic of our next segment of The Ideal Zombie Apocalypse Home.

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