The Ideal Zombie Apocalypse Home Part 4

Preparation for a zombie apocalypse, no matter how obviously impossible it is, has a fanatic following.  There are supply stores selling items specifically for such an event.  There are even rumors that an army base in Southern California uses a hypothetical zombie apocalypse as a training program.  However incredulous the event, preparation for such a catastrophe is very possible and not entirely different from preparation for any large scale disaster.  In 3 previous blogs Studio Boise has offered advice on how to make your home energy independent, and how to acquire and best use natural water supplies.  Our final blog for this series will address methods of designing an impenetrable structure to defend you and your family from a world of hungry zombies.

The ideal new home design for keeping zombies or any other harmful species out of the house will need to be completely sealed at times while still allowing air and sunlight into the living spaces.  At the same time, entrance into the home must be easily accessible for children, adults, and the injured.  History provides us with a great starting point in fortresses of the western medieval world.

Here we have the example of Carcassonne, France.  The medieval city was built for defense with high walls surrounding a small city, many towers from which to see and ambush approaching enemies, and often a moat with a drawbridge to keep intruders away from the walls.  In the event of a zopocalypse, you would want something quite similar.  A wall over 12 feet high surrounding your home and crops is ideal.  While a moat is a good idea, it is probably not necessary unless you expect adrenaline-filled World War Z style zombies.  Instead, the idea of the drawbridge is the most important idea to borrow from the past.  If the main entrance to your home could be raised up to seal flat against the walls of your home, no zombie could get in.

The best material for a disaster-ready home is without a doubt concrete.  Concrete gets stronger as time goes on and can be cured in any shape you can imagine.  Additionally, concrete does not have the weak joints of the medieval stone walls or the tendency to burn like wood fences.  However, a home needs to have light and proper air circulation for healthy living; you cannot survive in a concrete box forever like the bomb shelters of the 1950’s.  You can add what we call clerestory windows, or windows that are hung high above head level to bring in light.  If you prefer the perimeter of your home to be completely sealed, then the ceiling can be made of a structural glass that can hold a load of snow but allow for abundant light.  Another option, if you prefer to have full visability of the terrain around you is to create a sort of lantern home made completely of glass with garage doors that lower and seal when a threat approaches.

Whatever home design solutions you choose, just remember that you want to protect your home and food sources from zombies or unwanted guests, you need air, and you need light.  Give these demands to your home designer, and you will soon have an impenetrable home fit for a zombie apocalypse.

Whether you are preparing for a zombie apocalypse or some other apocalyptic disaster, contact Studio Boise for your home improvement needs.


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