Smart Design

The Greatest Value in Hiring a Professional Residential Designer To Create A New Custom Home, Remodel or Addition Is That You Will Know Every Relevant Option Will Be Considered

Whether you are environmentally conscious, budget conscious, or convenience conscious, Studio Boise creates smart designs for you.  We call smart design incorporating any or all of these considerations into your home plans and construction specifications.  We make every conversation with you a productive one and listen to what you truly NEED in your home.  Our principle designer, Noelle Martinez, is a LEED Accredited Professional with the ability to design an officially recognized green home or to simply incorporate green elements into your new home design or remodel.  Smart design also means designing within a budget.  Studio Boise will work with you to find the best places to save in your home design and the best places to indulge in the luxury you want.  We consider it our signature to design for the way you truly live designing spaces that will work around your specific lifestyle while exemplifying your individual taste.

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