Green Construction

We are a design studio committed to finding smart solutions for your home.  We are open to any new construction method and always attempt to stay educated on new options that are cost effective and sustainable.  In addition to typical wood frame construction, Studio Boise, has been educated on some alternatives with great bonuses.

SIPs are Structural Insulated Panels.  These are essentially modular squares of foam sandwiched between two sheets of wood.  The  bonus of using SIPs is their incredible insulation which increases the energy efficiency of your home.  The modular nature of SIPs also makes assembling your home’s walls twice as fast with a familiar contractor.  SIPs can also be used as roofing and can be mixed with other materials.  One of Architectural Record’s 2010 houses used SIP construction.  While we don’t specify SIPs on a project without a client’s request, they are one of the options that we like to educate our clients on so they can make the best choices for their home.

Reclaimed materials are more available than ever, and there are numerous ways to use them in new construction.  If you are interested in green construction, we will find reclaimed materials that fit seamlessly into the design of your home.  We also love when a client comes to us with inherited materials like bricks salvaged from an old garage or porch railings from a grandparent’s house.  Studio Boise and the environment are happy to use whatever you drudge up in your home.

The construction site is a great place to save some money.  In most construction there will be some excavation which we like to keep onsite to use in landscaping mounds later.  Why buy dirt when you have piles of it right under your home?  Before construction begins, Studio Boise always surveys the items that are normally thrown away.  If there is any potential for reuse, we work with your contractor to save you money.


If you answer yes to a few or more of these questions, let’s talk about saving money with smart additions!

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