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Boise Home Improvements, the SMART Way

At Studio Boise, we believe one of the most green and most cost effective ways to design your home is to simply improve what’s already there.  There’s no need to rip down and build anew when you have some good bones.  If you already have a home, even if you are bored with it, there are probably dozens of things you love about it and maybe a few that you don’t love.  What if you could keep what you love and transform the rest?  We can help you do that! In Boise, there are many historic homes with a unique character that is just not found in new construction or tract developments.  Renovation is a great option that allows you to keep a great location, historic character, save money, and still get the home of your dreams.  In most cases renovation design can save you time and a lot of money.  Most renovated homes save money by working around the most expensive parts of new construction like plumbing, foundations, and roofs.  Renovating an existing structure does not limit you to a specific style or a specific size.  You can keep as much or as little of an existing home as you want and change any details, roof lines  or floor plans.  Renovations only offer you some free construction and materials.  Now that’s a smart way to design.

North End Exterior Revitalization

Like a wall flower at a party, sometimes all a neglected home needs is a little lipstick to revitalize its curb appeal.  We felt this historic North End home had great bones: an interesting roof line, a decent rhythm of windows, and good proportions.  However, it towers over it’s single story neighbors, lacked coordination between design details, and had a bland color palette. We started by breaking up the tall, flat front with a horizontal trim belt and painting different colors above and below the belt line.  Next, we brought all the windows back to wooden double hungs which better reflect the originals that would have adorned the home.  With a little more trim, better doors, and some lights, this home’s former glory has been realized without needing to knock down a single wall or move one window.


If you answer yes to a few or more of these questions, let’s talk about saving money with smart additions!

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