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Insider Secrets: The Best Time To Start Designing

      Fall: The best time to start thinking about a remodel or building a new home.   If you have ever taken on the adventure of building a […]

Beginning the Process of Designing a New Home

So you have finally signed the papers for your new property.  You can almost see yourself enjoying your newly built dream house. There is only one problem, how do you […]

The Ideal Zombie Apocalypse Home Part 4

Preparation for a zombie apocalypse, no matter how obviously impossible it is, has a fanatic following.  There are supply stores selling items specifically for such an event.  There are even […]

The Ideal Zombie Apocalypse Home Part 2

This is a continuation of the discussion about building a new home designed to withstand a Zombie Apocalypse, A.K.A. Zopocalypse. The best home fit for surviving a Zopocalypse is a […]